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CS Beatty Construction has experience with pond construction, overburden removal, quarry development and infrastructure work. We own large fleets of heavy equipment needed to perform these tasks in a safe and efficient manner. We operate our jobs so as not to be disruptive so the ongoing quarry operations can continue uninterrupted.

CS Beatty Construction looks to provide value engineering to our clients. Our team of estimators, engineers and project managers can be involved from the outset of a project. Our services range from green field development to final site reclamation. We will use our expertise to assist the client in designing, planning and building a project that provides them their greatest rate of return.

We realize that safety is a major area of concentration for our clients. Our superintendents and field operators attend regularly scheduled training and refresher courses to guarantee they are up to date on all the latest safety news and techniques. We have weekly documented safety programs and reward our employees for maintaining accident free work sites. Our focus on safety had led us to achieve favorable safety ratings that make us eligible to work on any site.

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