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CS Beatty Construction understands that experience and safety are two keys to performing a successful project. Our team has worked for years in steel mills, landfills and power generating plants. We have completed these projects with a strict attention to detail and a focus on safety. CS Beatty Construction is honored to be a past winner of the Golden Triangle Award presented by Southern Company for construction safety excellence within the industrial division.

We employ full-time safety professionals who insure each project meet daily safety goals and requirements. Our superintendents and field operators attend regularly scheduled training and refresher courses to guarantee they are up to date on all the latest safety news and techniques. We have weekly documented safety programs and reward our employees for maintaining accident free work sites. Our focus on safety has led us to achieve excellent safety ratings that make us eligible to work on any site.

CS Beatty Construction can team up with current operations or we can build a site from the initial start up phase. Our experience working in industrial settings helps us work with owners to provide cost saving initiatives and ideas that we have implemented in the past.

CS Beatty Construction has successfully completed several projects in the Industrial sector, including, but not limited to:
  • Power Generation Plant Construction

  • Power Generation Plant Expansion

  • Power Generation Plant Combined Cycle Construction

  • Power Generation Plant Site and Facility Maintenance

  • New Landfill Construction

  • Existing Landfill Expansion

  • Landfill Closure

  • Military Base Expansion

  • Automotive Plant Expansion

  • Pipe Manufacturing Plant Expansion

  • Asphalt Plant Expansion

  • Food and Beverage Plant Construction

  • Steel Plant Expansion

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