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Safety Policy

CS Beatty Construction is committed to conducting our operations in a way that protects people, property, communities and the environment. We believe all injuries and occupational illnesses can be prevented; however, the full cooperation of each employee is required to achieve this goal. Health, Safety, and Regulatory Compliance are more important than profits and are integral parts of our total management process.

The following principles form the foundation for our approach to Health and Safety:

  • Each employee is responsible for Health, Safety, and compliance with Company procedures as a condition of employment.
  • Each employee has the right and duty to question the adequacy of Health and Safety provisions.
  • The line organization is responsible and accountable for preventing injuries, illnesses, incidents and Regulatory Compliance.
  • Management shall provide the necessary resources and training to meet our Health, Safety and Regulatory Compliance objectives.
  • We shall proactively identify workplace deficiencies and take corrective action.
  • We shall employ sub-contractors who are committed to Health, Safety and Regulatory Compliance and will hold them to the same standards as ourselves.
  • We shall investigate accidents, then share and institutionalize the key learnings.

Our most valuable asset is our people; as such, they must be protected. Attaining this objective requires more than regulatory compliance alone. We will continuously work to improve our performance through management involvement, employee participation and proactive approaches.

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